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If you were a cadet in Falkland over the past 85 years you may be interested to know that the Ottawa Branch is forming a Falkland Alumni Association.  I am sure you look back on your time in Falkland with great nostalgia.  While we cannot return to our youth, it is our hope that regular reunions and other social events will bring us together with old friends.  In addition we will keep you up to date on Falkland's current activities.

Membership will be open to all former cadets, civilian instructors and Officers of the corps.  As the Association will be an auxiliary of the Branch, we would urge you to join the Branch as well.  However, events will be open to all former members of the corps.

If you are interested please send a brief email message with your coordinates to   Please include your years of service in the corps.

Bill Wilson

Alumni Chair